Clones knots vs. Picots

The burning question this month is: Would you go back to making picots after becoming proficient making Clones knots? 

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Ora’s Children

I lost my father this week. He was a man for the ages. I made the little booklet for his 2009 Father’s Day, and thought I would share his story with you.

His childhood was difficult. His father was a ner-do-well. He was homeless, and motherless and yet he and his siblings managed to rise above their childhood circumstances to grow up to become good people and citizens.

I love my father with all my heart, and wrote two songs for him.

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NEW Gif of Jamie Fraser from Outlander 3×06 ” A. Malcolm “

Get ready for #PrintShop Episode

Outlander Online

Here is a NEW Gif of Jamie Fraser in Outlander 3×06 “A. Malcolm”

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