Constructive Distraction


I was chatting with a dear friend yesterday. She was offering some suggestions about getting out the funk I’ve been drowning in for about six months. “Grief is hard. Depression is awful” I tell her. “Yep,” she says, “Time for you to develop some constructive distraction.” What? “Yes, you must distract your brain away from depressing thoughts. Read, exercise, garden, meet friends, what ever, but start NOW!”….

…and that’s why I’ve decided to keep track of how I manage to pull myself out of the doldrums, starting today! 

November 3, 2014


I saw this on Pinterest. I fell in LOVE and want to make it! When I clicked on the photo, it took me to the blog of a lady who lives in Poland, and her blog is in Polish. I am an English-only speaker, reader person. So, I messaged her via Facebook to ask if she had the pattern and was willing to sell it, but she has not responded. 

After spending the greater part of yesterday–maybe 10 hours!– trying to figure out the pattern   MYSELF. I also tried to figure out how to knit cables…I’ve nearly worn out the yarn I planned to use. No matter how tightly I pull the yarn, I end up with ‘ladders’–loose bits that are completely unattractive!

Today, I went to YouTube to find out how to knit cables. I love YouTube! I discovered the ‘cable’ is actually Whale Tail cables–$9.00 later, I have two patterns found on to use to learn to make Whale Tails + two Facebook friends are providing me with patterns.

Additionally, I learned the Continental knit-purl method–I was taught the Western method and had no idea there was anything else to use–but am I ever glad I discovered Continental method, Viola! Continental eliminates ladders! 

November 5

After many starts and stops, I finally figured out how to make the center section of the caplet just about the same time a HS classmate friend found the actual pattern!


Please note, the flower is verra different from one photo to the next, which means the next project will be figuring out the pattern for the first flower. I’d say my constructive distraction efforts are paying off! 


2 thoughts on “Constructive Distraction

  1. That is a very beautiful neck wrap. It looks like something I would wear. I have a lot of hand made things that I have bought on ebay and from my friend at work who makes them. I love hand made things.
    Lovely blog,

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