Hide A Heart Product Review

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hide A Heart Review & Giveaway

Cleaning Closets, or in this case files

You never know what you have in old files until you begin to clean out your documents list. 

I came across this product review and thought it would be fun to share it with you.

FYI: Staycee no longer has the blog, nor can I find her on actively on Twitter or Facebook.

Original Review

I recently had the opportunity to review Mary Catherine Lunsford’s and her husband Randy’s  creation the Hide A Heart, which is just another little way to say love You to someone in a little/big way.

The Hide a Heart is a simple and thoughtful ( non-verbal ) way for couples to express their love again and again. It facilitates relationship-building. romance and renewal.

Hide a Heart inspires communication between couples, families and friends.

 Twenty seven years ago Cathy’s husband Randy had surprised her with a little red glass heart that he had hidden for her to discover. From that day on the meaningfulness of the little heart has grown to become a way for then to speak and keep the ” Language of Love ”  alive.

In 2009 after 35 wonderful years of marriage Randy and Cathy Bowles started Hide a Heart . To this day they still continue to Hide a Heart for each other at their home in Oregon.

How sweet is that,  I think that Cathy and Randy’s story is wonderful and can only hope that I have a long loving marriage some day as they do. In a world of divorce and all the other craziness that goes on in the world its refreshing to hear that some couples haven’t missed a beat.

Cathy sent me a sample of the Hide a Heart for this review so that I could see what it was all about and then to give it away to one of my readers. I have opened it and used it only once, just so that I could review my experience, but it’s still brand new and you will never even know that I opened it.

I was excited to do this review because about a year after Shawn and I started dating , I was working for a Vacation Club and for some reason I always had the small post its in my work bag , so he would always take them without me knowing and at the time I hadn’t know that he had hid them all over the house but I would randomly find them. For instance one was on the inside lid of the coffee maker, one was inside my hair straightener, inside the medicine cabinet there must have been at least 50 and it took well over a month before I found them all but I thought that it was the sweetest thing. We all know that men don’t always like to be mushy and don’t show their feelings as we do so I knew he was a keeper after that.So when I received the Hide a Heart , I didn’t tell him that I was reviewing it or anything about it because I wanted to hide it for him. But I wanted a spot that wasn’t too easy nor too hard, it honestly took me awhile to figure out my spot but I finally did. He shaves his head once a week with his electric shaver so I new that, that would be a place were he could find it one morning and be surprised and when I would still be in bed. I didn’t want to  be right there  when he found it for two reasons the first is because I wanted him to find it and be able to have all of his mushy thoughts and feel oh so loved and the second is because if he went anywhere near it I would be watching and probably acting suspicious and he would know that something was up and expect something.

He probably would have been thinking more along the lines of a trick but he still would have been prepared.

To make a long story short he found it in the morning like I had planned and then came and woke me up after  wards and was so happy and was very proud that I was able to not tell him about it. I’m not the best with those kind of secrets I get too excited and anxious.

One of my old co-workers used to say ” Stacy, you can’t hold water .”

We only used it that one time because I am going to use it for a giveaway but its very effective and a great little way to say I Love You without saying anything at all. 

How’s that saying go ? ” The best things are left unsaid .” How true..

Hide a Heart could  make a great little Easter Basket treat from yourself or the Easter Bunny. 

I think that they would be great for children also, put it at the bottom of their lunch and when they sit down  to have their lunch it can be a great surprise for them. 

And that’s just one idea you can really give them to anyone and hide them in numerous places.

Get an  Easter Love Hide a Heart 

f/ Hide a Heart – Etsy Shop 

Looking for a way to fill an Easter Basket with LOVE this year?

Tuck a ‘Love You’ Hide a Heart into a basket along with a few candy kisses and Wha La! Easter Love!
Inside the box is a 1.5″ x 1.5″ ruby red glass heart weighing 1.6 oz. and imprinted with ‘Love You’ in gold ink then slipped into an organdy sack and tucked into a heart-shaped window box along with an Easter Love Hide a Heart™ gift card attached.

Upon request, I can add a scoop of Oregon grown lavender for added sensory enjoyment, but please be sure the recipient is NOT allergic to lavender before making the request.

If you submit your text, I can add a ‘personal’ message to the story card. Space is limited to approximately 40 words.

Price :

$17.95 for Valentine’s Day!

free shipping for US , 

Where  to Buy :

Win it

Thanks to the generosity of Cathy and Randy one lucky SJ reader will receive a  Hide A Heart

The first mandatory entry will be to visit Hide a Heart at  http://www.etsy.com/shop/hideaheart   and tell me if you had a Hide a Heart where would you hide it ? and for who ?

This entry must be completed for other entries to count.

This giveaway is Open to US and Canada

Giveaway will end on Monday March 29th at 9pm est

Bonus –  please leave a separate comment per entry 

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This giveaway is open to U.S & Canada Residents only, 18 years of age or older. Winner will be chosen by random.org Winners will be notified by Email & Posted in Winners Section, Facebook and Twitter. Winners have 48 hours to respond to my email . If there is no response then a new winner will then be drawn.If I do not have your email you will have to check if you are a winner. With so many giveaways and multiple winners its very time consuming searching winner by winner.  Please allow 30 days for myself or sponsor to get prize to you . If you do not receive with in 30 days please contact me so that I can look into it for you.

( I received a Hide A Heart at no cost to review and then offer as a giveaway to my readers, My opinions are my own as are my thoughts )

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http://surveyjunkiegiftguide.blogspot.com/2010/03/hide-heart-review-giveaway.html (Note: no longer a viable link)

Thank you, Stacy.



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