Amigurumi Santa Lucia


Santa Lucia Day is December 13th this year. I decided I wanted to make a Santa Lucia amigurumi doll, but alas, there were no patterns, so…..

To learn more about Lucia, begin here with this book, or there are many ‘illuminating’ resources on the internet.

I found this spectacular ‘felted’ Lucia on the Ancient Hearth blog here however, the blog is no longer active.
Then on Pinterest, I came across this photo of a crocheted Lucia wreath crown

but no pattern. Thus, I was forced to create one!

There’s plenty of time to make one of these amigurumi dolls in time for Santa Lucia Day on Friday, December 13, 2019.

Body and Head

Skipping the wings and the halo, I simply used this pattern to make the body and head here.


I found this pattern for the hair here  but decided to create something different.

Lucia Crown and Wreath


My pattern for the Lucia Crown and hand held wreath are available here.

Let the light shine!


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