“Where do you get your inspiration?” people ask me…..”everywhere!” I say.

My book club meets in December to exchange books as gifts. Many members wrap a copy of a book from the upcoming list for the next year. I….? Well, I am always looking for something unusual.

I’m not entirely certain what made me Google Frida Kahlo, but I did and came across many photos of her, may favorite being the one above. That led me to searching for a book about Frida and I found this.

Which led me to creating this ornament to accompany the book.

The ‘Bookie’ member who opened her was thrilled with the unusual choice I’d given. Then the most extraordinary thing happened. Our hostess had not gone gift shopping yet for her husband, and when she saw the ornament, she exclaimed, “Oh, Rob uses Frida as an example in his lectures!” That’s when Gwen decided that she would hand over the book and ornament, but Sharon insisted on paying for a replacement ornament, to which Gwen agreed.

I made mention I wasn’t certain I could get the work done in time for Christmas, and Gwen said, “No rush.” However, she asked to see other figures I’d made and since she is an attorney, she fancied RBG.

Needless to say, I have been working like a woman with hair on fire to finish the second RBG and deliver her BEFORE Christmas because I want the year in which she was created attached to the ornament. 

FYI: Should anyone else order one of these figures, plan on paying $200.00.


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