Button Bullion, oh sure!

The button bullion is a beautiful thing to know how to make, however…..there is nothing like the right tool for the job.

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Amigurumi Santa Lucia


Santa Lucia Day is December 13th this year. I decided I wanted to make a Santa Lucia amigurumi doll, but alas, there were no patterns, so….. Continue reading

When to and When NOT to Anchor Irish Crochet Motifs

On August 30th the daughter of a close friend is getting married and it turns out the brides favorite flower is Lily of the Valley. So, I was inspired to create a wedding hankie….but….

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Buzz About Bees


“Properly putting bees into mourning often involved draping the hives with black crepe fabric and leaving a piece of the funeral bread nearby, while gently singing to the bees to tell them what had happened.” JUNIPER QUINN-credit SevenPonds blog

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