95 Days Until Christmas!

With the cargo ships backed up and unable to unload, may I suggest you support local small business and handmade community to find gifts to give this year?

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Crochet Nativity Madonna

Continuing our McCall’s crochet nativity project, let’s make the Madonna.


Size 3 thread and size 2.25 hook

Flat Head

Ch 3, make 3 sc in the second ch from hook, ch 1, turn; 2 sc in first st, sc, 2 sc in last st=5 ch 1, turn; 2 sc in first st, sc, sc, sc, 2 sc in last st=7 ch 1, turn; 2 sc in first st, sc, sc, sc, sc, sc, 2 sc in last st=9 ch 1, turn. 4 rows of sc 9 with a ch 1 at the end of each row. Invisible decrease, sc, sc, sc, sc, invisible decrease=7 ch 1, turn; invisible decrease, sc, sc, sc, invisible decrease=5 ch 1, turn; invisible decrease, sc, invisible decrease=3. Sc 3 for 2 rows, break thread leaving long tail for sewing

Graft together the two pieces and begin stuffing with fiber fill before reaching the neck on the other side of the head, place stitch marker and continue filling head until you are pleased with the shape. Finish sewing sides together attach thread and sc 2 in each st=12. Go to * to continue.

With dress color, attach to one side of head

(Using 12 sts; sc 3, sc increase; sc 1, sc increase; sc 3, sc increase; sc 1, sc increase=16. sc 4, sc increase; sc 2, sc increase; sc 4, sc increase; sc 2, sc increase=20. Sc 5; sc increase; sc 3, sc increase; sc 5, sc increase; sc 3, sc increase=24. 4 rows of 24, then begin normal increase

Sc 7, 2 sc increase; sc 3, 2 sc increase; sc 7, 2 sc increase; sc 3, 2 sc increase. Sc 8; 2 sc increase; sc 4, 2 sc increase; sc 8, 2 sc increase; sc 4, 2 sc increase. Sc 9, 2 sc increase; sc 5, 2 sc increase; sc 9, 2 sc increase; sc 5, 2 sc increase=32. Sc 32 for two rows.

As you can see, I quit making it because the figure doesn’t appeal to me. I might finish her at a later date, but now that I have the original McCall’s Nativity pattern, I can’t really share it here because it was a purchase, and I’m pretty sure the Etsy shop owner wouldn’t appreciate me much for giving away what she is selling.

Instead, I made this figure, and I can share my pattern for making her.


3″ styrofoam cone; 2.25 and 1.75 and .75 hooks; size 3, 10 and 20 thread; fiber fill; bead; tapestry needle, stitch holder/marker, 3.75mm dowel or knitting needle or hook handle that will accommodate the circumference to match the perspective size of the figure


Single crochet (sc), Half double crochet (hdc) Double crochet (dc); Front Loop Only single crochet (FLO sc); Back Loop Only single crochet (BLO sc); Slip st (slp st); Front Post sc (FP sc)

My Preference

So, I am fond of crocheting with making the minimum of ‘parts’ to sew onto my work. 

With body color size 3 thread and 2.25 hook

Beginning from the bottom of the figure, ch 8, slp to form circle, ch 1, (counts as first sc) make 23 sc into the circle, slp to close. Ch 2, hdc in same st increase, hdc next 3 st; hdc increase, hdc next 3 st, slp st to close.Ch 3, dc in same st increase, dc next 4 st, dc increase, slp st to close, ch 1. Sc each st, slp st to close, Ch 1, BLO sc each st—now work in continuous rounds, and place a stitch marker so you know when the next round begins.

Make a decrease row, ( if you have made a 30 stitch bottom, sc 3, invisible decrease–and b4 the final decrease place styrofoam cone.

Now you will work sc in-the-round with the cone in place…you are crocheting around the cone. Decrease stitches to keep the work close to the cone…not necessarily each row. You will want to end up with 12 sts toward the top of the cone, change to skin color, and increase to make the head

Arm–Make 2 with body color size 3 thread and 1.75 hook

Ch 3, 5 hdc into second ch from hook. Slp st to form ring, and sc in the to of each hdc. Sc 5. Insert a dowel and FP sc around the dowel in continuous rows until reaching the length desired for the arm to slightly bend to hold the baby. Break thread and leave a long tail for sewing hands and arm to body.

FP sc: Insert your hook from front to back to front around the post of the next stitch, pull up a loop, yo, pull thru loop on your hook

Hand–Make 2 with head color size 10 thread, 1.75 hook

With skin color and leaving a long tail, ch 3, hdc 5 into the second ch from the hook, and in a continuous row, sc 2 rounds of 5, break thread leaving a long tail. Using a tapestry needle, pull the tails through the inside of the arm. With the tail thread on the arm, tack the hand to the arm, then thread the tail through the inside of the arm to the top and sew to body

Mantle-size 3 thread, 2.25 hook

Sc 6 into magic circle; increase to 12; increase to 18; increase to 24. Sc 6 rows of 24; BLO sc 24; increase to 30. Turn work, slp st, hdc 18, slp st, turn and repeat until reaching desired length, then hdc each st until reaching the preferred length of the mantle. Change to contrast color thread and slp st around, cut thread and weave end. Or, you could go to this link to another pattern.

Baby-size 10 thread and 1.75 hook

I used this pattern for the baby. However, I did not make a manger and I used size 20 thread and .75 hook and I shortened the body and I crocheted around a pearl bead to make the head.

Merry Christmas

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