Customer Lessons

I made a listing in my Etsy shop for the Notorious RBG Ornament Pattern for $5.00….I had to refund 3 customers…..!

I thought I had made it clear that the listing was for the PATTERN ONLY. I wrote a lengthy explanation about what was included in the pattern and that purchasing the pattern was non-refundable.

I explained that it takes about three days to make the ornament and after having two customers tell me they “could not crochet, could you make the ornament for me?” I added: If I make the ornament for you, I charge $150.00. The last order to be accepted will be December 10th.

However, 1 customer said that he had misread the listing and requested a refund. 

Two customers were very rude about demanding and threatening about receiving a refund, claiming she (both were women) believed she bought and expected a finished product and NOT a pattern.

I could argue that the listing clearly says, “No refunds”, but it was only $5 and none of the customers had downloaded the pattern, so I felt that it was reasonably ‘reasonable’ and good customer service (and to avoid any ‘bad press’) to make the refund, although each refund cost me $.40 in fees to Etsy.

Now What?

I agonized about what it was about the listing that could have misled these three customers to think the ornament would only cost $5.00?

So, I put the question to the Facebook Hide A Heart Fan page. And, I received a comment that would prove to be the perfect answer and solution!

“Why don’t you type “pattern” across your photo , most shoppers read nothing and only look at photos …” THANK YOU, M.J. of COZY SLIPPERS!


Merry Christmas!


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