What began as our simple, sweet and fun little romantic game to keep a love note in circulation by hiding a little glass heart for each other, in 2009 we decided to create Hide A Heart® to inspire positive communication for other couples and families.

When I was four years old, my mother gave me a little table and chairs set. When she checked in on my play, I was standing on top of it singing my heart out! That was the day my ‘spirit-driven passion’ was set free and I knew I wanted to be a professional singer!

I began my performing career in 1965 eventually becoming the 1970-1971 Polydor Recording Artist Mary Catherine Lunsford with a self-titled album Mary Catherine Lunsford. I subsequently recorded two other albums You Men at the Bar and Cowgirl in the Wind  before contracting with Conductor Norman Leyden as MCatherine Lunsford, Mezzo Soprano featured soloist for the Oregon Symphony Pops for ten seasons. I performed across the USA with a number of Symphony Orchestras including the National Symphony at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Read more about me

In 1995 my career was cut short when I developed head/neck cancer. For quite some time I struggled to find a ‘spirit-driven’ purpose.

How Hide A Heart BEGAN: My youngest son was injured in a car crash and unable to be conventionally employed + the bottom dropped out of the stock market. My husband and I had not planned enough $$ to support 3 people vs. 2. We were trying to figure out what we could do to help our son and ourselves. During a brainstorm session my husband asked, “what about that heart game we play?” I asked, “what would we call it?” He said, “Hide A Heart.” I said, “Let me go search domain names and see if it’s available.” It was! I pinned it down! We created a LLC, applied and was granted the TRADEMARK for Hide A Heart & the rest of the story is pending!

To read more about how HIDE A HEART began, see Dwindling 401 K 

I have always enjoyed creating gifts for friends. The creation and nurturing of HIDE A HEART has become instrumental with helping me reinvent myself and returned to me the gift of a ‘spirit- driven passion’.

It is with great affection that I offer HIDE A HEART to you.

Introducing Drayton Bowles

Earlier this year, my husband retired from Hide A Heart and passed his half of the leadership torch. I am very happy to announcement that our son has joined the Hide A Heart Team.



Drayton majored in accounting and finance in college. Besides having a business mind, he has a creative heartI heart working with my son and watching how his touch enhances the magic of our  1 Family Affair. 

See the entire HIDE A HEART Collection, stop by our Etsy shop.  To discover the many ways my husband and I have hidden our heart  visit our blog; Find HIDE A HEART on Facebook  or Tweet HIDE A HEART                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Listen to the music or learn more about Mary Catherine Lunsford

Visit Handmade Spark to find articles written by MCatherine & other fine contributors

Contact us at info@hideaheart.com


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