5 Splendid Opportunities

Tiza.Mind_.Pandoras-box.04182014Losing my husband has found Pandora’s Box empty. In the quiet moments of self-reflection, I find my mind making a disappointing list about missed opportunities that now cannot be put to right, made better, recovered, fixed, healed.

I think it is normal and important to spend a little time thinking about how we might do better before we begin to focus on what we did well.


I have always heard “confession is good for the soul”, but right now I only feel regret when remembering the missed opportunities. Let me be clear, I certainly seized the opportunities listed below a lot. I’m just saying, I also missed, skipped, or didn’t give enough weight to the importance nor realise the end of opportunities would arrive so soon.

Go Ahead, Cross the Rubicon

The bridge over the Rubicon River

To cross the rubicon is to do something extreme that cannot later be changed and whose effects cannot later be avoided.

When it comes to relationships, be sure to cross the rubicon in a good way daily–As I have discovered, it will save you a lot of disappointment later.

5 Splendid Opportunities

  1. If he asks to hold your hand while you are knitting, stop knitting and hold his hand
  2. If he asks you to join him for a glass of wine out on the deck in 39 degree weather, bundle up and join him
  3. If he asks you to close the computer and come watch a T.V. program with him, close the computer and go watch the program with him
  4. If he asks you to go for a walk in lousy weather, bundle up and go for a walk with him
  5. If he says, “I need you to touch me and tell me you love me more”, touch him and tell him you love him more…then hide your heart in plain sight

As the song says, Time Keeps on Slippin’, Slippin’, Slippin’ into the Future. (Steve Miller Band) It’s time to seize the moment, Cross the Rubicon and take advantage of 5 Splendid Opportunities to share a little more with your loved ones.


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