Rainbow BonBon’s



I’m always looking for ways to “be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud”. It is one of my favorite Maya Angelou quotes and in a January 2012 I wrote a post about ‘Being the Rainbowafter hearing her speak in Santa Cruz

Talk about ‘being the rainbow’ in someone else’s cloud is cheap. Actually ‘being the rainbow’ takes ACTION, and action hasn’t been my long suit of late.

Life Interrupted

Our family suffered a terrible blow last July when my husband received a Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) diagnosis. What’s MSA?

Symptoms began about nine years ago and he’d had about every test under the sun with no real conclusion except: Orthostatic Hypotension (excessively low blood pressure), Peripheral Neuropathy of feet and calves (numbness); and Autonomic System Failure; from what was a mystery. His primary care doctor was completely baffled.

Additionally, he had mild dementia. He remained good natured, kept his sense of humor, and sharp wit nearly up until his life ended in May.



Melancholy Quicksand

I’ve been inert since losing him. Oh, I walk on week-day mornings. I’ve been out to dinner and lunch with friends. I even returned to work at the hospital a few days last week. But, everything feels as if I’m walking through quicksand. I have been uninspired, until……

 I found on this on Pinterest.


I clicked on Moogly’s blog and Viola! I was immediately engaged. Tamara is the quintessential blogger! 

If you visit Moogly’s blog, prepare to be delighted.. Tamara is terrific, generous and helpful. She shares her patterns both written and via YouTube tutorial videos, which are very easy to follow. She answers questions. She responds to comments. She leaves links to helpful tutorials for completing work, like this one from Craft Couture on how to add a frame clasp to the BonBon pouch. 

Expressing Gratitude

I have found doing for others is one of the best ways I’ve found to cope with my pain. 

It will come as no surprise to you that I decided to make Rainbow BonBon’s to give to friends who have been the action rainbows in my life recently.


If you are among those Angels, expect one!


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