5 Splendid Opportunities

Tiza.Mind_.Pandoras-box.04182014Losing my husband has found Pandora’s Box empty. In the quiet moments of self-reflection, I find my mind making a disappointing list about missed opportunities that now cannot be put to right, made better, recovered, fixed, healed. Continue reading

20 Little Things that Count


Ever heard of the cliché, “It’s the little things that count”? I want to share a few of our most precious counters –the ones that bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart~ Continue reading

Fact, Fact, Tip

My friend Diane went to a sales seminar for Xocai Chocolate last week-end and shared what she learned with me!


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Cast in the Play of Life

…Featured in a sideshow!

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 11.01.38 AMAccording to Jungian psychology: Guilt is a sideshow put on for oneself.

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Somewhere in My Youth and Childhood

When growing up, my two favorite musicals were Peter Pan and The Sound of Music. One ignited my imagination with the wonder of magic and the other opened my eyes to beauty and exquisite possibility. Undoubtedly some psychologically illuminating tidbit about me! Nevertheless, magic and possibility are the components that make up the transfusion cocktail to which I have clung all my life. Continue reading

To Giveaway or Not…That is the Question!

As you can well imagine, Valentine’s Day is the premier holiday for the love notes of Hide A Heart. As a mini-micro business Hide A Heart has very limited funds to invest in marketing and must rely on creative strategies to get the Hide A Heart brand and product out to the public. Continue reading

Keeping the Language of Love ALIVE!

Whether in a newly formed relationship or a long enjoyed one, both require nurturing!
Attending a Marriage Encounter or seeing a Marriage Counselor can be helpful, but unless you are fully vaccinated by the experience, you might want to invest in a ‘relationship enrichment’ token. Hide a Heart™ can help you ‘keep the language of love alive’ in your relationship! If you want to have FUN with someone you love and put a little ‘spark’ back into your relationship, then Hide a Heart could become your best advocate, especially if it’s been lack-luster for a while…this little token can speak volumes! Hide a Heart makes it easy to say I LOVE YOU, I’M SORRY, FORGIVE ME and when you play the Hide a Heart game together, you create positive communication. With a little luck, you may even resurrect a little romance that may rejuvenate, recuperate and ‘jump start’ a wan-colored relationship.

See you next time with more Hide a Heart™ ideas!

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