Are you the creator of Hide A Heart?

“Are you the creator of Hide a Heart? Someone gave my husband and I one many years ago. It has been a fun part of our marriage to hide it for each other. Sometimes we hide it so well we lose it for months, but when we find it…we go back to hiding it again.” Tiffany

Love Repeating

Receiving messages, I like to think of them as love notes, that let me know the game my husband and I had played for many years and decided to share has brought joy to other couples is the best gift, and a welcome message in these dark days we have all been going through recently.

MIA too

I replied to Tiffany’s message with one of my favorite stories about playing Hide A Heart with my husband.

I know what you mean about hiding it so well….once our heart was MIA too for several months….
Suddenly, one day, I realized I had not found the heart in quite a while.
So I started looking for it…EVERYwhere!   
There was an extra bonus in doing such a thorough search….
I cleaned the linen closet–no heart, but the linens were nicely arranged.
I cleaned my closet–no heart, but I’d managed to eliminate clothes that I had not worn in years!
I cleaned his closet–no heart, but now his suits and shirts and shoes and ties and belts were organized and color coordinated!
I re-organized drawers and cupboards–no heart, but wow! Kitchen shelves were washed and re-lined and dishes replaced and chipped or cracked dishes tossed.
After looking everywhere I could think of that it might be, I was exhausted, but at least things were in ‘ship-shape’ as they say.

Where or Where Can it Be?

After a couple of days of working as if I were a woman with hair on fire, and when I didn’t find it, in frustration, I decided to bake some cookies…baking isn’t something I do very often…As I dug the scoop into the sugar canister, up popped the heart! I laughed so hard, I cried! 

It’s the little things that count!


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