Crochet Nativity Angel

On the Crochet Guild of America’s Facebook page, a member was wondering where to find the pattern for this Crochet Nativity found in a 1978 McCalls magazine and,

I found it available for download on Etsy…at least when I last checked…here.

According to one description I found, the figures are approximately 6″ tall. Notice that some of the hands and necks are flat. 

The pattern for the head and body/skirt/tunic and arms will be very similar for each figure, with most differences in the thread color and stitches used at the bottom of the body/skirt/tunic.


I think using size 3 cotton crochet thread and a 2.25 mm hook should bring us close to that size. You will need scissors, stitch marker/holder, tapestry needle, cotton or fiber fill for stuffing head. I used a size 1.75mm and size 10 cotton crochet thread other parts of the work.

I used a 3.5″ styrofoam cone around which to crochet the body/skirt/tunic, but you may want to just make a crochet cone shape, then fiber fill and make a circle to cover the bottom of the cone.


Sc, hdc, dc, bobble, slp st, BLO sc (back loop only)

Use Amigurumi style crocheting (instead of the usual yarn over hook, pull the yarn from under the hook) for tighter stitches.

Keep in mind, YOU DO NOT have to use the colors shown in the photo. If you have various and reasonable amounts of colors in your ‘stash’, you won’t need to buy additional thread. 

Work in continuous rows on head and body. 


2.25 hook, size 3 thread

Sc 6 into a magic circle and increase each row until reaching the circumference of the bottom of the cone…usually 42 sts. BLO sc 1 row.

Sc 5, invisible decrease 6X’s=36 Work 3-4 rows of 36 sts. You can add color rows at this point.

When the work stands too far away from the cone, sc 4, invisible decrease 6X’s=30. Work 4-5 rows of 30 sts. You can change to a bobble st (*yo, insert hook into st, yo, pull through st (3 loops on hook) *repeat 1X’s more (5 loops on hook), yo pull through all 5 hoops, ch 1, insert hook into same st on work from back to front, yo and pull through both loops, sc next st) NOTE: If you do not pull the loop back to front, the bobble will not be on the outside of the skirt. Or, use a stitch of your choice when making these rows.

When the work stand too far away from the cone, decrease to 24 sts and work 4-5 rows of 24, then decrease to 18 sts and then 12 sts and sc until reaching the top of the cone (this is the waist row). Increase to 18 sc and work 3-4 rows to form bodice, cut thread and weave end.

Change color to begin the head


2.25 hook, size 3 thread

I am not fond of the way the heads are made in the photo, so I am using a different style, 

Let’s begin with a head using this pattern and be sure to use a marker of some kind to indicate the beginning of the continuous row. I have a reasonable shade of pink I can use for the Angel. 

We are going to use 12 sts  (6 on one side and 6 of the other for the neck.) Press the front and back of the work together to see where there are 3 sc on each side…these 3 sc will be the ‘shoulder’ of the Angel and where you will attach the arms. Attach the new thread 5 sts from the side, sc 4, leaving long loop remove hook and count 3 sts from this side, insert hook and pull the loop through to the other side, sc 5, leave long loop and remove hook, count 2 sts from side, insert hook and pull loop through the other side, sc 3 (when making the next 2 sc rows you will pick up one of the cross over sts to have 6 sts on each side (12). Make 3 rows of sc, then begin increase row: sc 1, 2 sc increase 6X’s=18; sc 2, sc 2 increase=24. Sc 3 rows before beginning decrease rows.

NOTE: Not being one to discard work, I look for ways to recycle it: When I first began to figure out this pattern, I made a head using only 18 sc, then completed closing the neck. The head was not going to be large enough to be in perspective with the body, so I used this head to fill the head I did use and it worked out perfectly.

Use a tapestry needle to close the last 6 sc on top of the head.


The photo above shows hands to be flat. To make those, leaving a tail long enough to attach to sleeve, using the flesh color thread, ch 3, hdc 2 into the second ch from hook, turn. ch 2, 2 hdc in each st=4, turn, ch 2, 4 hdc, turn, ch 1, sk 1, sc, sk 1, sc, ch 1, slp into center st, break thread and use end to attach hand to trumpet.

1.75 hook/size 10 thread

My arm pattern is as follows and could be considered an I-cord or tube. Please note, I did not make a flesh colored hand.

Ch 3, make 3 sc in second ch from hook. Make 1 rows of 3 sc. 2 sc in each st=6 . Sc 1 row of 6. BLO sc 6

Then I added the accent color, then decreased 6 sts in the next row.

Sleeve Arm: Continue with sc 6 sts until reaching a good arm length, break thread and leave a long tail.


Size 1.75 hook, size 10 thread

Work in the round: Ch 3, sc 3 in second ch from hook. Sc 3, sc 2 in each st=6. sc 2 rows of 6 st. Increase row–1 sc, 2sc 3X’s=9st. Sc 2 rows of 9.

Sc 3, 2 sc increase, sc 3, 2 sc increase, sc=10. Work 2 rows of sc.

*Sc 4, 2 sc increase, *repeat=12. Sc 12

*Sc 5, 2 sc increase, *repeat=14. Sc 7 rows of 14

Use contrasting colors as desired.

Sleeves on the wise men are made the same way as the trumpet, except do not made sc rows between increase rows

Halo and Wings

I went to Pinterest to find a pattern for the halo and wings. There are many patterns from which to choose.

Enjoy creating!


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