Handmade Microwave Bowl Cozy/Hugger

Hmmmm, I thought some manufacturer of silicon would have these for sale….but nope.

After Holiday Malaise

You would think after making so many amigurumi, I would be OVER crochet….but, apparently HookArtZ is an addiction from which I suffer.

I have a friend who dances Flamenco and decided to create an ornament with her in mind, using a photo she had posted on Facebook.

Now what?

A couple of years ago my cousin, living in Alaska, sent me a two bowl huggers, and I have found them to be exceptionally useful. I noticed last week that one has begun to fray, but still useable, and a great protector of fingers.


Pinterest has become somewhat of a thorn in my side because they or Apple or Safari won’t play nice together, which requires me to use Chrome….not my favorite browser. So I am forever switching back and forth in ChaCha mode. Want to dance with me?

Nevertheless, perusing Pinterest yesterday, this came up in my feed.

Of course! A perfect solution to using up those Sugar-n-Cream skeins I’ve been storing for 3 years. A handmade microwave bowl hugger/cozy/hotpad. Works for moi!

Free Pattern

You will find the pattern here, and the pattern is correct, except I found after making the ch1, adding the sc in the same space made the math work out. Enjoy!

PS use COTTON YARN ONLY… acrylic melts in the micro.


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