Teen Driver Safety

Before handing the keys to the car to your teenager this summer, are you sure your teen is adequately prepared and mature enough to take on the serious business of driving? Remember these words from a parent victim speaker, “The worst day you have arguing with your kid is better than any day you will live without him”, then properly prepare yourself to teach your teen to drive. 

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‘Iheart You’ Holiday Splendor

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5 Things to Know about Teen Drivers

I teach HOW TO UTILIZE GRADUATED DRIVER’S LICENSING LAWS EFFECTIVELY to parents and teens through a local hospital program. Here are five important facts to know for Parents and Teens-

  1. The pre-frontal cortex of a human brain becomes functional at the age of 12-13 and does not reach full maturity until the mid-late 20’s; a portion does not fully mature until around age 40
  2. The pre-frontal cortex of a human brain is responsible for judgment, logic, reason and decision-making
  3. Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens
  4. The vast majority of teen car crashes occur because of driving inexperience and immaturity
  5. 61% of teens who die in car crashes were riding with a teenage driver

Visit HERE to download a GDL Handbook. And, please tell your teen to put the cell phone in the glove compartment while driving. In Oregon, a 19 yr. old college student needlessly died on the w/e of February 19, 2011 due to texting while driving.

The ‘Snug Hug’ charm to remind a teen driver to buckle up and not text while driving Snug Hug Charm and a gift that says I love you!