Do You UPC?

An interesting thing happened the other day on the way to check the Hide A Heart listings available on What I found begs the question–Was the UPC code for the XOXO Hide A Heart ‘HAHjacked”? And I thought this ‘little business venture’ was going to be easy. Are you laughing? Continue reading


Life on Mars–HideaHeart Begins VI

It’s possible one might be able to spend the ENTIRE remainder of one’s life blogging, Link Loving, article writing (refer to Life on Mars–HideaHeart Begins II for links to article-writing sites), friend-ing, liking, fanning, commenting, integrating new apps., building ‘virtual’ stores here, there and everywhere, adding every widget with creating visibility boost-potential, partnering, cross-promoting, couponing, give-awaying, donating, re-listing, up-listing, new listing, etc. ect. ect. YES! I am fiendishly working like a woman with hair on fire in the effort to ‘market’ HAH with the ultimate goal focused on developing the ALL IMPORTANT customer! OMG! Continue reading