From PDF to JPG

I learned something about logos this past week. I’ve been writing a series about Six-Thinking Hats Exercise on the Handmade Spark blog.  The exercise is to help me focus on 2011 strategy tactics for improving marketing, branding and cross-promoting Hide A Heart. Since I am the sole proprietress of Hide A Heart, I asked a few friends to help me THINK through the various hat of the exercises. Thus far the team has helped me determine a policy that will help me evaluate the merits and profile of blogs through which I participate in ‘giveaways’; brought to my attention that my cross-promotion efforts needed to be more focused by targeting sites with similar products and readers; provided a starting point for  projecting annual sales. T he most recent question put to the Team was to access the Hide A Heart logo giving input to: Is the logo memorable, too simple, too homegrown; Is the logo’s message clear and what does it message to you; Does the logo need to be redesigned by a professional. Continue reading


Life on Mars: Hide A Heart Begins II–Looking for the Pony!

Have you ever heard this story: Once upon a time there were two little boys. One was sent to a room full of toys and the other to a room filled with dirt and a shovel. After some hours passed, someone went to check on the boys. In the room with all the toys the little boy was crying and when asked why he said, “I don’t know which toy to play with first!” In the second room the little boy digging deeply into the dirt and when asked why, he said, “With all this dirt, I figure there’s got to be a pony in here somewhere!” Continue reading