Happy New Year Paris Letters Project

Secret Garden Journal

Twenty years ago I kept a journal detailing the journey I took to the world of cancer, treatment decisions and recovery. While still in recovery from treatment and very unhappy, I locked then wrapped the journal in plain brown paper and mailed it to Paris with no return address. Continue reading

Reward of the Day

Today began a bit dreary. It’s not because it is raining or that the sky was gray and hanging closer to the ground than usual. No, it had nothing to do with the weather. I love rain, especially at night because I consider the ‘music of rain’ to be a lullabye. It was more a feeling of anxiety. I think this feeling began when I posted a purple heart on the Facebook HIDE A HEART Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/hideaheart  to acknowledge that September is Cancer Awareness Month and to recognize those who have had, are going through or recovering from treatment for cancer and for those who love and support them. Continue reading