Who is a Hide A Heart Customer?

So the economy is struggling and I open an online store. What was I thinking? I have friends who shake their heads about my refusal to believe I could fall short of success, but I practice FINOM the acronym for FAILURE IS NO OPTION METHOD philosophy! Continue reading

To Giveaway or Not…That is the Question!

As you can well imagine, Valentine’s Day is the premier holiday for the love notes of Hide A Heart. As a mini-micro business Hide A Heart has very limited funds to invest in marketing and must rely on creative strategies to get the Hide A Heart brand and product out to the public. Continue reading

Reward of the Day

Today began a bit dreary. It’s not because it is raining or that the sky was gray and hanging closer to the ground than usual. No, it had nothing to do with the weather. I love rain, especially at night because I consider the ‘music of rain’ to be a lullabye. It was more a feeling of anxiety. I think this feeling began when I posted a purple heart on the Facebook HIDE A HEART Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/hideaheart  to acknowledge that September is Cancer Awareness Month and to recognize those who have had, are going through or recovering from treatment for cancer and for those who love and support them. Continue reading


LESSON 14: My mother always told me, “You will find out that the hardest lessons in life are the better learned.”  How many times has her bit of sage knowledge proven correct?

One of the tag lines for HIDE A HEART is: ‘Give HIDE A HEART instead of a card to inspire perpetual expression.’ Implementing the suggestion, I will occasionally send a HIDE A HEART product to someone whom I discover is celebrating a special anniversary or may be struggling with a health issue or recently suffered a loss.  It’s my way of practicing ‘random acts of kindness.’ Unfortunately the way I went about trying to create a good outcome, turned into something that went woefully wrong. Continue reading

Life on Mars–HideaHeart Begins IV

La Naissance

I awoke a little chagrin this morning because I need to point out that while my husband is NOT a huge participant in the daily tasks of HAH, he IS the person who:

  1. 28 years ago hid a little glass heart for me to find among my lingerie
  2. In February 2009 he and I were discussing ways we might help our son who was injured in a car crash 6 years ago and unable to be conventionally employed, and he suggested we (the royal WE!) start an internet business because, he sincerely believed that (you know…if you build it…they will come! Ha!) all we needed was a web site and a few hearts. (Uh Huh!)
  3. I asked what we would call it and he said  ‘Hide a Heart’ Continue reading

Life on Mars–HideaHeart Begins III


Oh La La!

Note to Self: Do NOT begin blog postings with Roman Numerals unless you know how to write them all! I’m going to regret using Roman Numerals because there will come a time when I won’t know how to write them and be forced to use the usual numeric numbers…oh, so boring, but oh so within my ability! UNLESS someone reading the blog can provide me with a LONG list….let’s say through the number 75??? Surly I won’t have more to say past 75 postings!

Revisiting Lesson 1: Regarding a Web Page & Web Master:

I spent $$ on webpage software so I could build my own webpage. I thought it would be fun, not that hard, a great creative endeavor. The software I purchased was pretty good and allowed me to include music, graphics & photos and to edit, edit, edit to my hearts content. Continue reading