From PDF to JPG

I learned something about logos this past week. I’ve been writing a series about Six-Thinking Hats Exercise on the Handmade Spark blog.  The exercise is to help me focus on 2011 strategy tactics for improving marketing, branding and cross-promoting Hide A Heart. Since I am the sole proprietress of Hide A Heart, I asked a few friends to help me THINK through the various hat of the exercises. Thus far the team has helped me determine a policy that will help me evaluate the merits and profile of blogs through which I participate in ‘giveaways’; brought to my attention that my cross-promotion efforts needed to be more focused by targeting sites with similar products and readers; provided a starting point for  projecting annual sales. T he most recent question put to the Team was to access the Hide A Heart logo giving input to: Is the logo memorable, too simple, too homegrown; Is the logo’s message clear and what does it message to you; Does the logo need to be redesigned by a professional. Continue reading