Win a Top 10 Romantic Product!

Note from a Happy Hide A Heart Give Away Winner

“I recently won a HAH via the blog Adventures in Abbyland. I absolutely LOVE it! At first my husband was a bit skeptical. He thought I was kind of crazy because I was so excited over this little glass heart, but then I started hiding it for him…and he started hiding it back for me. Now, it is something really fun …that we do. Currently it is sitting under the cap of his shaving cream in the bathroom so that tomorrow when he shaves in the morning, he will have a nice surprise!” Tiffany Wickstrom
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Marketing On Air

On three occasions I have spent REAL $$ marketing . One was a complete bust,  one the ‘jury is still out’ for opinion and one turned out to be a complete success—To put it in baseball terms, that would translate into a strike, a ball and a hit–that  isn’t too bad for a ‘rookie’ is it? I’m not O-U-T!   Continue reading