Never Too Early for Christmas

I know, it’s July but when I looked at my calendar this morning I was shocked to see that it’s July 25th which then lead me to immediately think, “OMGosh! It’s only five months until Christmas! And what’s more important, the Christmas Promotion Season is already in full swing! Hide A Heart is a gift line and if I am to be successful, then it’s time I began thinking with a ‘gift line state of mind!” Continue reading


‘Fleurs Coeur’

Ok, you may as well know, I save bits of beautiful ribbon, especially the French kind with the wire. It’s so gorgeous I cannot bear to toss it after unwrapping a gift. I have been saving French ribbon for eons….well, at least 10 years anyway. I save it because I know I can wrap another gift with it, but using it to create something wonderful would more appealing to my sensibilities! Continue reading