Thanks to KlipXtreme Cooperation, Rescues Hide A Heart!

If you are a regular reader, then you know that I sell Hide A Heart products through the Hide A Heart web site, on Etsy, and You also know that since July 12, 2011 I have been trying to sort out how a HAH UPC code was crossed with a product sold by KlipXtreme. Continue reading

Reflection on a Year in Motion

                                                What a remarkable year! Hide A Heart opened shop on Etsy in October 2009 with two products. There are now 8 products + special ‘developing’ products. Since opening I have filled orders 33 times for Etsy Customers. Considering the number of shops on Etsy, I consider this a coup and huge return on the time I have invested self-educating! Even better, I am confident 33 Customers have been inspired to integrate into their lives the Hide A Heart espirit d’corps. Continue reading