Valentine Years of Daily Reclamation

Valentine’s Day is not always representative of romance and happiness as clearly described in a recent article on Handmade Spark. Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 10.20.04 AM Continue reading


To Giveaway or Not…That is the Question!

As you can well imagine, Valentine’s Day is the premier holiday for the love notes of Hide A Heart. As a mini-micro business Hide A Heart has very limited funds to invest in marketing and must rely on creative strategies to get the Hide A Heart brand and product out to the public. Continue reading

Life on Mars-HideaHeart Begins Year II

Lesson 11-Local Sales

FYI: Rhino-complex is NOT cured! Portland OR is B-I-G! I spent 5 hours and drove 90 miles delivering Hide A Heart orders to 10 locations. I can already see that this second year of being in business is going to be LOADED with LOTS of LESSONS! Continue reading

Life on Mars–HideaHeart Begins X


After reading Lauren’s article on Handmade Spark this morning at 9:30 am, I decided to again spend time ‘upgrading’ my Etsy Shop by adding a new banner for promoting Valentine’s Day.  At 2:00 PM I opened a powerpoint slide and worked and worked and worked…did I say WORKED to make a banner that would not have BLURRY text when saved as a jpg! I visited other shops to view banners and noticed text was NOT blurry in those banners! Why couldn’t I F-I-X mine?! I was about to slit my ‘virtual wrists’ when in desperation I went to the Etsy Forum and typed in ‘banner tutorial’. Continue reading

Fairy Tea

Spark One: How has your creativity changed over the past year?

Last year my creative spirit was still seeping through wounds bound with sorrow for the loss of my singing voice. Today my spirit driven passion is returned to me because I get to live in the right brain every day since creating Hide A Heart. Continue reading

Reflection on a Year in Motion

                                                What a remarkable year! Hide A Heart opened shop on Etsy in October 2009 with two products. There are now 8 products + special ‘developing’ products. Since opening I have filled orders 33 times for Etsy Customers. Considering the number of shops on Etsy, I consider this a coup and huge return on the time I have invested self-educating! Even better, I am confident 33 Customers have been inspired to integrate into their lives the Hide A Heart espirit d’corps. Continue reading