Identify and Fill a Niche

Did you know that a lack of communication is listed among the top ten problem issues in a relationship? Often it’s the words and attitude making up the sub-category to communication that leads to complications. You know the ones I mean– the raised eye-brow; the “hmmmmmm”; the raised voice; the not-so-nice choice of words; the really poor choice of name calling; the crossed arms; oh, and let us not leave out the slamming of doors! You may wonder where I’m going with this….. Continue reading

Who is a Hide A Heart Customer?

So the economy is struggling and I open an online store. What was I thinking? I have friends who shake their heads about my refusal to believe I could fall short of success, but I practice FINOM the acronym for FAILURE IS NO OPTION METHOD philosophy! Continue reading

Life on Mars–HideaHeart Begins IV

La Naissance

I awoke a little chagrin this morning because I need to point out that while my husband is NOT a huge participant in the daily tasks of HAH, he IS the person who:

  1. 28 years ago hid a little glass heart for me to find among my lingerie
  2. In February 2009 he and I were discussing ways we might help our son who was injured in a car crash 6 years ago and unable to be conventionally employed, and he suggested we (the royal WE!) start an internet business because, he sincerely believed that (you know…if you build it…they will come! Ha!) all we needed was a web site and a few hearts. (Uh Huh!)
  3. I asked what we would call it and he said  ‘Hide a Heart’ Continue reading