Inspiration is Mysterious

It turns out a health crisis can be the catalyst for inspiration!

Inspiration is Mysterious

After recovering from head-n-neck cancer, I changed my signature

then I changed my name

now, following the TIA, I have been inspired to create a Tree of Life heart with stars for leaves.

What motivates your inspiration?

Elation of Beat the Clock!

As a child, I remember my parents watched a game show called Beat the Clock.

There was even a board game based on the same TV program.

Undoubtedly this is where I got the idea that it was a VERY good thing to BEAT THE CLOCK! Continue reading

Prepare to be Marked by the Muse

Stephey and I enjoy a lovely friendship. When I came across her blog I was totally intrigued and captivated! Stephey poses provocative and thoughtful questions to challenge an artist’s thinking and self-nurturing. I am thrilled and honored to have the pleasure of introducing you to Stephey Baker!