Shop Handmade for the Holidays to Avoid Being Pepper Sprayed

I already planned to do most of my holiday shopping online within the handmade community. After learning about shoppers while waiting in line who were pepper sprayed on Black Friday I am convinced that shopping online this year is simply brainier! Continue reading

‘Iheart You’ Holiday Splendor

Autumn has arrived in PDX! Time for a cup of coffee, a chat and the season for annointing myself with the sparkle of ‘I♥You’ holiday splendor! Continue reading

Do You UPC?

An interesting thing happened the other day on the way to check the Hide A Heart listings available on What I found begs the question–Was the UPC code for the XOXO Hide A Heart ‘HAHjacked”? And I thought this ‘little business venture’ was going to be easy. Are you laughing? Continue reading