Got Blog, Go Feed

A blog is like sour dough starter. Once made, you must regularly feed it! From what I have learned as a participant in the Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp, it also means you need to ‘blog with meaningful content’. That is to say, offer something of substance with perhaps a craft tutorial, a recipe or inspirational quote of the day.

“Nothing’s impossible. The very word says, ‘I’m Possible’! (Audrey Hepburn)

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More About Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp Week #8

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Etsy Treasury Making Tips +

If you are participating in the Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp, you are aware that making treasuries is highly recommended and a GRRRREAT way to ‘spread the word’ about other great Etsy Shops as well as your own. Remember one of the better marketing tools is either creating a Treasury and those included may, in return, create a treasury featuring one of your products.


I spent some time searching through the Etsy Forums this morning, mainly because I received a convo from Romancing the Veil that she had created a treasury featuring HAH but wasn’t sure if her effort had been successful because it wasn’t ‘visible’.

I had the same problem when I made a treasury last week. After the 3rd effort, I was successful, but OMGosh! I spent about 3 hours trying to figure out what I was supposed to do and here’s what I learned.

I suggest you begin by opening two pages in your browser.

Go to the Etsy Home page and scroll down the left side to find WAYS TO SHOP then click TREASURY. On the right side of that page is a CREATE A LIST button to click, but BEFORE you click it, check out the list of TODAYS TRENDING TAGS to help you with the next step.

Now the fun begins!

Name your treasury using one of the Trending Tags or one of your own or one that you may have found because of participating on a Team. For example the HEARTS and HANDS UNITED (HHU) Team featured on Handmade Spark have a blog they post a theme of the month.

Description–I wait to write the description based on the products I select, but you may have an idea of what you want to say right away.

Search for products by opening the  second page in your browser. In this way you will be able to click back and forth between pages without losing the treasury page upon which you are working and probably have NOT saved yet.

Select the products to feature–May I thirdly suggest you open a word.doc upon which you will want to write the Shop name and product and copy/paste the URL to that product listing for easy reconstructing should you make ANY error. Also useful when letting Shops know of being featured in a treasury. This is an essential step because those shops will/may also help promote the treasury!


First failed effort was because after selecting the product then copy/pasting the URL address out of the browser into the LISTING URL space, I didn’t click OK. So basically when I saved the treasury, it saved a blank page! Luckily, I could click on the treasury name and begin again.

The second failed effort was because I had not saved all those URL addresses by also keeping track of them in a word doc, so RECONSTRUCTING the treasury proved an exercise in memory recall that is sometimes left wanting in a person of the ‘chic age’!

Thank goodness my third effort was a SUCCESS! However, I did not use the word.doc suggestion and instead ‘hearted’ every shop and item I was listing JUST IN CASE I experienced another FAILURE!

Once you have selected and OK’d all the products, go back and write your description if still needed. Decide who can view the list then click SAVE.

Now copy the treasury URL that you created and paste it to the word.doc with all the names of the shops and URL listings.  Here is the link to the one I made while writing this post.

Get ready to promote the treasury! You will see on the right hand side icons for Facebook, Twitter, etc. Go ahead! Promote away and don’t forget to let the Featured Shops know about the treasury in which you have listed their products!

Addendum 1:

When I went to my Etsy to look for treasuries I’d previously created I couldn’t figure out where to look. This got me to thinking so I posted a new thread asking a couple of things.

In the list of Forums I noticed one about Etsy Treasury etiquette for letting shops know they have a product featured in a treasury.

In the past I have noticed that when I have convo’d shops about being featured a little ‘spam warning’ message appears. This warning caused me to GULP, so I sent an inquiry and Esty replied that one would probably want to divide the notices to shops over a couple of days to avoid the auto ‘spam’ alarm going off and being sentenced to what would be equivilant to ‘spammers-jail’ for an undermined amount of time.

Which is why I posted a thread in the Etsy IDEAS forum suggesting an app be developed that would:

  1. Auto list of the shops featured in a treasury
  2. Auto list the treasuries one created

One More Thing: I posted a new link in Forums requesting links to some of the new products Boot Camp participants have created specifically for the Boot Camp challenge in week #2 to ‘Brainstorm new work you’ll offer this season’.

Forum thread:

Here’s the link to HIDE A HEART’s newly ‘brainstormed’ product for Boot Camp.

Will you show me yours?

Addendum 2:

Since writing this post, Etsy has made Treasury making ever so much easier! Additionally, I have learned to write a specific word, EXAMPLE-Above I wrote ‘Forum thread’ followed by the link. Today I would write Forum thread then go to the ‘link’ icon and type the url into the appropriate box… OMGosh! It’s so much tidier!