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How does your branding go? Do you put a business card into every package of product you ship? Do you add a brand to your handmade crafts? Just when I think I have got this micro-business finely tuned, I discover something that once realised, I think, “Now, I should have already known that!” Continue reading

A Priceless Cup of Coffee is a Merry Gift of Christmas

I enjoyed the most extravagant cup of coffee the other day. In fact, I gulped down the equivalent of what would be a $1500 cup of coffee with glee and a ‘Merry Gift of Christmas’! Continue reading

Identify and Fill a Niche

Did you know that a lack of communication is listed among the top ten problem issues in a relationship? Often it’s the words and attitude making up the sub-category to communication that leads to complications. You know the ones I mean– the raised eye-brow; the “hmmmmmm”; the raised voice; the not-so-nice choice of words; the really poor choice of name calling; the crossed arms; oh, and let us not leave out the slamming of doors! You may wonder where I’m going with this….. Continue reading

Who is a Hide A Heart Customer?

So the economy is struggling and I open an online store. What was I thinking? I have friends who shake their heads about my refusal to believe I could fall short of success, but I practice FINOM the acronym for FAILURE IS NO OPTION METHOD philosophy! Continue reading

To Giveaway or Not…That is the Question!

As you can well imagine, Valentine’s Day is the premier holiday for the love notes of Hide A Heart. As a mini-micro business Hide A Heart has very limited funds to invest in marketing and must rely on creative strategies to get the Hide A Heart brand and product out to the public. Continue reading

Facebook and Link Love–does it work?

One of the first pieces of advice my friend Rod Brown gave me when I told him that I was going to start HIDE A HEART was “be sure to do the viral networking thing.” At the time I only had a private Facebook page and didn’t think much of the medium. But Rod is a very savvy and successful businessman and I have great respect for his advice. Continue reading

Life on Mars–HideaHeart Begins VI

It’s possible one might be able to spend the ENTIRE remainder of one’s life blogging, Link Loving, article writing (refer to Life on Mars–HideaHeart Begins II for links to article-writing sites), friend-ing, liking, fanning, commenting, integrating new apps., building ‘virtual’ stores here, there and everywhere, adding every widget with creating visibility boost-potential, partnering, cross-promoting, couponing, give-awaying, donating, re-listing, up-listing, new listing, etc. ect. ect. YES! I am fiendishly working like a woman with hair on fire in the effort to ‘market’ HAH with the ultimate goal focused on developing the ALL IMPORTANT customer! OMG! Continue reading