Rainbow BonBon’s


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Tips from Networking Together on Facebook

I joined a Networking Together group on Facebook that has turned into a RAINBOW move for Hide A Heart! I have developed a plethora of new skills and ‘virtually’ rich friendships.

Our Networking Together group is ‘by invitation only’ and everyone participates at his own level of comfort. Members brainstorm new social marketing ideas together, share tips and articles about social networking and protocol, teach one another new skills. We collectively appreciate that there are NO mistakes or stupid questions, only opportunities for learning.

Is is perfect? No! Is there a core group of active members? Yes! Will some members drop out or think the group is some ‘magic pill for powerful sales’ and become discouraged when sales seem illusive? Yes, but basically one would do well to figure~You’ll get out of the soup what you put into the soup!  Continue reading

D is for Doing

If you have been following this blog, then you know I have a finite, if not a non-existent, advertising budget. So basically I look for ways to market Hide A Heart on air.  I recently discovered a great marketing opportunity combined with a fantastic good for the community connection! Continue reading