Occupy Wall Street

With all the places to ‘occupy’ this year, finally a sign of something really constructive has been offered! Gotta love entrepreneurial ingenuity! Continue reading


‘Iheart You’ Holiday Splendor

Autumn has arrived in PDX! Time for a cup of coffee, a chat and the season for annointing myself with the sparkle of ‘I♥You’ holiday splendor! Continue reading

Thanks to KlipXtreme Cooperation, Amazon.com Rescues Hide A Heart!

If you are a regular reader, then you know that I sell Hide A Heart products through the Hide A Heart web site, on Etsy, HospitalGiftShop.com and Amazon.com. You also know that since July 12, 2011 I have been trying to sort out how a HAH UPC code was crossed with a product sold by KlipXtreme. Continue reading

HAHmoxxed by MyGuestBlog.com

I’m beginning to think the world-wide-web has a few too many ideas and resources to which I have subscribed with zest and vigor. I hit another learning-curve bend that’s taken me on a two-day spin-in-place with the groove deepening to about 6′ under. This would be the upward arch of learning to which I often refer to as the steep climb to Mars! Continue reading

Get A Sale and Hold On!

Get Sale! Keep Sale! As a small business owner, I know customer service is one of the most important skills I can practice. Etsy stresses good customer relations all the time through Forums, the Etsy Success Newsletter and in a number Features. Not to mention that I really appreciate good customer service myself and know that I have often times refused to continue buying from someone who is difficult or simply disinterested in my business. Continue reading

Hide A Heart Little Love Notes in play!

Sometimes I get lucky. Take last Saturday for example. It happened during the course of a conversation when I mentioned Hide A Heart to Beth, caterer, singer, blogger, small business entreprenur and member of the Oregon Symphony Pops Leyden Singers. Now Beth is an extraordinary lady of talent and she just happens to be a premier marketer, so when she showed an interest, I immediately seized the opportunity to bring her the box of Hide A Heart I keep in the trunk of the car! Continue reading

Google+1 WordPress.com Cool

If you are a regular follower, then you know I am constantly on a quest to discover low cost, meaning mostly free, maketing strategies to promote Hide A Heart. I have found a plethera of online resources and from most I have gleaned a little something useful to expand my ‘marketing education’. I need resources with lots of tips and suggestions that are reasonably reliable and offer free marketing newsletters. Of course, there’s always an e-course or two that can be very tempting and I’ve signed up for one or two, but mostly I rely of the tips in the newsletters delivered via email. Continue reading