How to Make Lemonade Magic

Veterans Day 2013

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For All Who Serve Our Nation, SALUTE! Continue reading

Ghostly Affair with Facebook Time Line

Something odd happened to my Facebook TimeLine wall this week…it all but disappeared. I believe ZEN practice has merit and I aspire toward self-realization but I am not as prepared for non-existence as I thought. Continue reading

Autumn: A Season of Remembrance

I find Autumn is the most bitter-sweet of seasons for me, conjuring up memories…some joyful, others melancholy. Last Autumn I began a Memory Anthology which included several homilies delivered by my mother. She always told me, “You catch more bees with honey than vinegar dear.” And while she was referring to the way I treated boys at the time, that simple statement had wider implication. You see, Mother was right! Continue reading


LESSON 14: My mother always told me, “You will find out that the hardest lessons in life are the better learned.”  How many times has her bit of sage knowledge proven correct?

One of the tag lines for HIDE A HEART is: ‘Give HIDE A HEART instead of a card to inspire perpetual expression.’ Implementing the suggestion, I will occasionally send a HIDE A HEART product to someone whom I discover is celebrating a special anniversary or may be struggling with a health issue or recently suffered a loss.  It’s my way of practicing ‘random acts of kindness.’ Unfortunately the way I went about trying to create a good outcome, turned into something that went woefully wrong. Continue reading