Gift from the Heart

OlgaroseToday I took my car in for service, so I grabbed my crocheting because I decided to give myself the day off and it turned out to be an ideal gift from the heart! Continue reading

Valentine’s Past, Present, Future


Valentine’s Day 2014

The best gift my husband has given me over forty-one years is that he taught me to ‘live life’ instead of standing on the sidelines as an ‘observer’. Continue reading

Gifts of Bling

I decided to make myself a gift this week. A gift to wear. A gift that incorporates my performing jewelry and hearts. A gift of bling and restoration!PerformJ

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Crochet Fleur de Lis

I’ve searched everywhere in vain for a  Fleur de Lis motif crochet pattern. I nearly gave up until I decided to figure one out myself to add to MCatherine Designs!

crochet fleur clear Continue reading