Cast in the Play of Life

…Featured in a sideshow!

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 11.01.38 AMAccording to Jungian psychology: Guilt is a sideshow put on for oneself.

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LESSON 14: My mother always told me, “You will find out that the hardest lessons in life are the better learned.”  How many times has her bit of sage knowledge proven correct?

One of the tag lines for HIDE A HEART is: ‘Give HIDE A HEART instead of a card to inspire perpetual expression.’ Implementing the suggestion, I will occasionally send a HIDE A HEART product to someone whom I discover is celebrating a special anniversary or may be struggling with a health issue or recently suffered a loss.  It’s my way of practicing ‘random acts of kindness.’ Unfortunately the way I went about trying to create a good outcome, turned into something that went woefully wrong. Continue reading

"Forgive" and set your heart free

Made of ruby glass in the USA, the ‘Forgive’ Hide a Heart is packaged in a organdy sack with a scoop of lavender and tucked into a little box with a ‘Forgive’ gift card attached. The ‘Forgive’ heart is tangible evidence for asking or offering forgiveness and available from or Etsy for $19.95 including shipping within the USA. Please add $10.00 for shipping outside the USA.