Being the Rainbow

I have repeated the story of ‘be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud’ told by Ms. Angelou many times when engaged in philosophical discussions and the mission of Hide A Heart for you.


D is for Doing

If you have been following this blog, then you know I have a finite, it not a nearly non-existent advertising budget. So basically I look for ways to market Hide A Heart on air. I recently discovered a great marketing opportunity combined with a fantastic good for the community connection!

Perking a Package with Bold of the Day

One of my friends works for Starbucks. After morning walks, I often stop by her store to order a grande ‘bold’ coffee of the day, room for cream. Sometimes I stop to pick up the coffee to take along on the walk simply because it makes me happy. I like feeling happy and figure my customers do too. By tucking a little extra ‘happy’ into every order is there value beyond the obvious immediate?

2012 WIIFM or WIIFU?

I discovered Diane’s penchant for detail last year when helping her decorate for Christmas. I was arranging the Angels and Animals for the Creche incorrectly she pointed out. “Really? They have to be arranged exactly the same every year? Maybe you need to color code them”, I said teasingly with my signature Rhino brand mouth!