Papa Noel


Back Story

I recently met with a young friend of mine and asked how he was doing in the dating scene. He immediately whipped out his phone to show me photos of his new fiancé…an adorable young woman from Brazil.

After a delightful conversation filling in all the details of how the couple met, my friend asked what was keeping me busy, and I showed him photos of crocheted hankies, Angels and Father Christmas ornaments.

Many “oooo’s” and “ahhh’s” later, he wanted to know what I charged for one of a Father Christmas ornament because this was going to be the first year he planned to put up a Christmas tree and he had no ornaments. I told him the fee, he said, “Make one for me, but no hurry since Christmas is 9 months away!.”

FYI: Christmas in July! The pattern for Father Christmas is available here


Sometimes, inspiration strikes a perfect chord. I went home and immediately began Googling photos of Santa’s from different countries. I knew I wanted to make the one for my friend special, and as well as a OOAK (one-of-a-kind) ornament.

I found this enchanting illustration for a Brazilian ‘Papa Noel’ to use as my model.

and set to work. “Art is making something out of nothing”, or making something out of something and in this case, an internet photo of an illustration, a hook and some thread.


I added a 2019 charm and charms of the initials of the betrothed to the back of the ornament, 

 and delivered it this week, along with a Hide A Heart for the couple to mail back and forth until the soon-to-be-bride arrives in Oregon.

I am happy to report, both young people are delighted!

I’m pretty tickled with the results myself. 

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