Irish Crochet Bee


I follow Diana Gabaldon on Facebook. This morning she posted a ‘possible’ list of chapter titles for her upcoming novel GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE and the 10th book in the OUTLANDER series,

In the comments a woman included an absolutely gorgeous sketch that she is working on and I was inspired!

Crinoline Lady Motif

I have recently tried working with Lizbeth size 30 crochet thread and my trusty .75 Clover hook to make a trim on a hankie. I used the vintage crochet pattern for the Crinoline Lady

and embellished it with Clones knots and bobble stitches. (As a side note, when attaching the Crinoline Lady to the hankie corner, I accidentally caught some of the hankie fabric while cutting the very last thread!

My clever cover-up…

I think I’m creating a particularly beautiful hankie trim this time, filled with Clones knots, picots, bullion stitches, leaves, roses and BEES.

I’ll post a picture once the hankie is complete, but if you would like to crochet bees into something you are making, I am sharing the pattern with you and would LOVE to learn and see your project! Should you use the pattern, I would appreciate you giving me credit. Thanks in advance.

Irish Crochet Bee Motif/Accent Pattern-                 Save The Bees

On the hunt for an Irish Crocheted Bee pattern left me with no choice but to create my own suitable size for incorporating into a project. One can make this bee without breaking the thread when adding the accent to crochet lace trim.

Any size thread and hook

Variations: Make a button, (wrapping 12 times around the handle of a steele hook) or Magic circle,, then 10 hdc around ring slp st to join

*Ch 3, either bobble wrap 8 or make an 10 yo shell into the same st. Slp 2, on button, ch 6, slp st into same st on button to form ring, ch 2, turn. Make 7-8 hdc into ring, slp st into same st on button, pull loop around wing to end up at the place where you can slp st around button until reaching 2nd to last sc on button. *repeat


Using size 30 thread and .75 mm hook

Whether making as an add-on.

Ch 4, make a 6 wrap bobble st into the 2nd ch from hook (bee head), ch 1. Make a 9 wrap bobble st into the ch 1. (bee body) Ch 1,

*Ch 6, slp st into the ch 1 to form ring. Turn work and make 7 hdc into the ring, slp st into the ch 1, pull loop around the wing.

On the other side of the body, slp st into the st between the head and the body and *repeat first wing.

Simple bee with only two bobble head and body

When making as a continuum:

From a sc, Ch 4, make 6 wrap bobble and slp st into the sc, ch 1, then a 9 wrap bobble into the ch 1, ch 1, make a 6 wrap bobble into the ch 1 space; then slp between the first bee body bobble and the second bee body bobble, then remove hook from loop and pull loop from underneath to other side of first bee body bobble. Ch 1, to begin wing, and follow pattern.


Bead Bee

Select 1 large and 1 smaller bead.

Leaving a long tail, Magic circle, *6 hdc, slp to close.

Increase: 2 hdc into each hdc, slp to close 12 hdc). measure to see if it fits the circumference of the bead. If so, then continue with

1 row of hdc in each hdc, before beginning decrease to close


increase 1 more round (2 hdc, 1 hdc 18 sts) and then make 1 row of 18 hdc, then close.

Slp last loop to opposite side of bead and ch 2, *6 hdc into 1st ch, slp to close. Increase 1 round, hdc 1 round, insert bead, begin decrease to close.

Slp st to a stitch between the two beads, *ch 6, slp st into the same st between the beads to form ring

Dc 7 (optional: 9 or 11 dc) into ring, ch 3, slp st into the same st between beads, pull loop over the wing, slp st to opposite side between two beads and *repeat, cut thread.

Tacking the Head to the Body

Using tapestry needle, pull thread UNDER crochet work through bottom of first bead magic circle. Use these threads to go back under crochet work to read the smaller bead used for the head and slp under a st to pull the head toward the body, then working under the thread, go back down to the tail of the body bead and secure tightly.

You are welcome!

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