Irish Crochet Venetian Lace Snowflake Ornament Pattern

Here’s my gift to you this year.

NOTE: This is not exactly a quick project, but if you have about 5-6 hours to spare, this makes a lovely hostess or self gift.

Size 1.25 hook, size 10 crochet thread, 12 beads (6 small and 6 larger), plastic ring

String 6 small beads on crochet thread

Magic circle and sc 12 into it, slp st to end round, ch 1. (end each round with a slp st)

2nd Round:

Add the beads every other st with a sc between for the second round

3rd round

Ch 5 and slp st between beads and into the sc between each bead

4th round

7 sc around each ch, sc into the next sc.

5th round

Ch 7, sc into sc to attach

6th round

9 sc around ch, and sc to attach

7th round

Scroll pattern: ch 11, hdc into the 3rd ch from hook, then 17 sc back around ch, ch 1, slp st 3, ch 5 picot (make 5 picot with 3 slp sts between to end) slp st into the sc (repeat to end of round)

8th round

Next row of scrolls: slp st to middle picot, slp into picot ch 13, follow scroll pattern, and attach to sc between the scroll on previous round. 

Make the next scroll and attach to the middle picot of the scroll from previous round.

I added the larger beads during this round and because the beads had a metal loop on each end, I decided to secure them by slp st into the 5th sc of the 6th round, ch 10, then slp st into the 5th sc, etc. The final round was 13 sc around each ch. 


Make approximately 3″ of Romanian cord, attach with sc around ring, then add ch 3 picots with 3 slp sts between picots.

Merry Christmas!

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