Crochet Roses


I have been on the hunt for the best crochet rose pattern for accenting this hankie….but, first, I had to find the hankie!

Making Irish crochet pieces is my way of creating beauty in the world.


I’m giving hankies for Christmas gifts this year. You would think buying a hankie that is suitable for adding crocheted lace accents would be a cinch…not so much! In fact, after discovering and ordering 5 to a package of this wonderful hankie at Joanne’s online, they stopped stocking them.

After searching Amazon and finding a ‘bulk’ order of THREE, I ordered 2 orders of 3 which should have equalled 6 hankies, I received 2 hankies…what?!!! I contact Amazon and was told their warehouse miss-filled the order and they would credit my account and to just re-order and they would send the missing 4 hankies.

I followed the directions and only 2 hankies arrive. I call Amazon again to explain that apparently the warehouse fulfiller is UN-able to count and I am still short 2 hankies. I am told to re-order again, and oh, by the way, this product is no longer available. Why? The fabric is nice, and in particular, there’s the most important fact that they are perforated along the hem making it easy to add crochet lace. Calgone! Take me away!!!

After much research, I finally found a hankie source!

Crochet Roses

Now that I had the hankies, I wanted to find a ‘complementary’ rose patten for the crocheted lace….I searched for: ‘vintage crochet rose pattern’….’Irish crochet rose pattern’…..’Bruges crochet rose pattern’….and finally found it when I searched flat crochet rose pattern. I also discovered this crochet rose pattern by ‘a stroke of luck.’


After some fits and starts, I also figured out how to make each crocheted rose accent while adding the fill.

You know I’m always looking for ways to improve my Thread ArtZ! Voila!

This gift took approximately thirty hours to create, and worth every minute. I heart how this hankie turned out.


Here is a link to the antique rose edging pattern. BTW, this hankie took approximately 60 hours….your thoughts….?


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