Welcome to the Neighborhood

With all the falderal over gluten-free, sugar-free, calorie-free, allergies, and whether someone celebrates nothing, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, a bottle of good wine…. what does one give as a WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD gift these days? 

I have struggled with what would be a suitable WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD gift for nearly a year…seems kinda superfluous now, but there must be SOMETHING that wouldn’t be too expensive, yet welcomed.

I always provide one of my photo post cards with contact information, but does one also include a pie, cake, donuts—and they are dieting, diabetic or don’t like sweets!

Handwork of some kind (3 wash cloths–maybe they use sponges, a pot holder,–they might use mitts; a Christmas ornament with the year they moved into the neighborhood attached?–well, that could be stepping on toes!)

Flowers (allergies?, plant-what color)

A bottle of good wine (kind of expensive, and what if they are AA members?)

A CD of my music seems a bit self-agrandizing, don’t ya think?

A Hide A Heart—perhaps they just got divorced or widowed-sheesh!

Maybe I worry about it too much!




One thought on “Welcome to the Neighborhood

  1. You are very good at creating books……How about something about the neighborhood? History, stores,restaurants,library,dentist, etc……let them choose.

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