Crochet I-cord Spiral Flower Necklace

Christmas in July

Only FIVE months to Christmas!

When one creates a dozen handmade Christmas gifts for friends, one begins in July!

I find making necklace crochet I-cord spirals to be boring work and I’m forever seeking ways to avoid having to make several pieces to assemble to complete a piece of work.

Thus, I have been thinking, while ‘spiraling’, about how I might eliminate at least two tasks by adding the flower leaves to the spiral, instead of crocheting leaves, then either sewing them to the completed spiral before attaching the flower, or attaching the leaves to the flower and then attaching the finished flower to the spiral.

The product before adding leaves while making the spiral

Crochet I-cord Spiraling Tips

I use a B (2.25) hook for making the crochet I-cord spiral and a K hook to crochet around and I place a stitch holder after making a couple of rounds, This stitch holder helps you know on which side of the spiral you will want to place leaves.

I have discovered that using a large crochet hook handle around which to crochet the spiral stitches will help keep a uniform circumference of the spiral. When I ‘free’ handed the crochet work, I would find my tension changed and the work was NOT uniform.

Additionally, the crochet hook handle inserted in the middle of the spiral also makes it easier to see the FPSC!!

More tips for adding leaves while spiraling:

  • Make the crochet I-cord spiral 15″ for choker, and 18″-20″ for longer necklaces
  • Leaving 3″ of the leaf thread, add to spiral and secure in an adjacent spiral st, then add a stitch holder
  • Make two or three rounds above where you added the leaf thread, then secure with a stitch holder
  • Return to the leaf thread and make the leaf

Leaf Pattern for 3 leaves made in one piece

I use a size D (2.75) hook to make the leaves and flowers

Small leaves: Ch 9, slp st in second ch from hook, sc, hdc, 2 dc, hdc, slp st. Bring the working thread under the leaf before continuing: slp st in bottom st on other side of leaf, sc, hdc, 2 dc in the same st, hdc, sc, slp st, ch 1 and turn, sk 1, slp st, *ch 1, sk 1, slp st *repeat to bottom of leaf, and ch 9 and follow pattern for each additional leaf ending with a slp st through the bottom st of the first leaf

Large Leaves: Ch 13, slp st in second ch from hook, sc, 2 hdc, 4 dc, 2 hdc, slp st, Bring working thread under the leaf, and continue: slp st into the bottom st on other side of leaf, sc, 2 hdc, dc, 3 dc in the same st, 2 hdc, sc, slp st, ch 1, turn, sk 1, slp st, *ch 1, sk 1, slp st *repeat to bottom of leaf and ch 13 and repeat pattern, end with slp st in bottom of first leaf (I pull the last st through the bottom of the first leaf on the back side of the leaf)

Once the leaves are completed, cut thread and using the tapestry needles, pull both beginning and finishing threads through the top of the middle of the 3 leaves and out the top of the interior of the spiral. Rethread the needle with ONE of the threads and slp back through the interior of the spirals and through one of the  center of the leaves sts, and then back out the interior of the spiral. Then, make a square knot with the two finishing threads, then rethread needle and push through interior of spiral coming out an inch or two BELOW the leaf, then cut the thread. This makes the leaves very secure.

Continue making the spiral and add leaves where you think you will want to attach flowers.

Choice of Flowers

I usually use 5-7 coiled roses….1 large, 3 medium, 2 small or 3 large, 2 medium, and 2 small, but you may have other ideas.

Merits of Adding Leaves While Spiraling

  • Eliminates two steps of assembly process
  • Leaves are ULTRA secure because they are part of the spiral work
  • Securing the leaf keeps the tacking on one side of the spiral

Demerits of Adding Leaves While Spiraling

  • Encumbering to make
  • Spacing is tricky

Back to the original way and finishing tips

To avoid dying of crochet I-cord spiraling, I take periodic breaks to make flowers and leaves and assemble the them.

I usually make flowers the same color as the crochet I-cord spiral, and use the same color of thread to attach the assembled flowers and leaves.

Using the amigurumi style of avoiding knots, I use a single piece of thread to attach the finished flowers to one side of the crochet I-cord spiral without piercing through the entire cord, which leads to flattening.

Magnet Closures

I use these magnets for closures because they are small, but MIGHTY.

Note: if the recipient has a pacemaker, it’s best to avoid magnet closures, and use the flower/leaf motif and cord loop method for closures.

I am still working on the most attractive way to finish the ends of the crochet I-cord spiral.

Happy to answer questions.


Now, back to creating 15 more crochet I-cord flower necklaces.





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