Shakespearean Floral Hair Garland


Flowers that shall never die…..My granddaughters are growing up into lovely young ladies, and fashion is high on their list of desires. Soooooo,….

For many years, my BFF and I met in Ashland, OR to attend the Oregon Shakespeare Festival plays performed by a superb troupe of actors, exquisite costumes and sets.

Of course, Elizabethan era was one of rich fashion, and through the years we were never left disappointed by the OSF costume department’s lavish costumes. Some of the fabrics left us drooling with envy.

The Ashland experience gave me any number of ideas for crochet, needlepoint and other art projects as well as for entertaining guests.

A favorite of mine was to fill a punch bowl with rose petals and rose water to make available for guest to wash hands before feasting upon some delectable dish. Here’s a recipe for making rose water.

Youth Revisited

I often wore flowers in my hair and on clothing in my early youth, fashioned of daisies mostly, but sometimes dandelions.

I was idly searching through Pinterest last week and thinking back to the days when I wore flowers in my hair, and I happened upon a perfect little handmade gift to make with love to send my granddaughters. The girls live a long way from me, so sending real flowers is out of the question, but crocheted flowers…..perfect solution, and opportunity to share a little more about me with ‘my girls’.

The pattern is free from Red Heart, titled: elegant floral headband, but…..

Shakespeare’s Garden

I prefer a reference to Shakespeare and the ‘floral hair garland’.

After making the first two hair garlands for my granddaughters, a friend asked if she could buy one for her granddaughter, so being the ‘constant designer’, I decided on a different leaf pattern and…Voila!

I have made the Shakespearean Floral Hair Garland available in my Hide A Heart shoppe for $75. If you are ready to dance in the forest, decorated beautifully with wood nymphs and faeries, may I make one for you?

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