Pincushion Penchant


You see something on Pinterest, then hunt and hunt for a pattern and find the designer

on Ravelry, but the pattern is a work in progress, Sooooooooo……You do the next best thing…. make your own!


First: Find a bottle!

I noticed the designer posted a few WIP photos and used a vintage Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup bottle. I didn’t want to buy one from Etsy, so I began rummaging through the closet for a saved a cologne bottle. It’s shorter than the Butterworth bottle, but serves my purposes.

Because I made the head to my doll BEFORE finding the cologne bottle, I had to remove the lid to the bottle to insert into the neck of the head…unlike the designer who began with the neck of her head and worked her way up to the top of the head.

Pattern for Penchant

The doll is a compilation of crochet patterns.

Aunt Lydia Size 3 Crochet thread and 2.25 (B) hook

Begin with an Amigurumi doll head. I used this pattern for head, shoulders and arms, continuing around the torso for a couple of rounds. I added a tiny magnet before closing the hand on one side to keep thimble from falling off.


The apron I made up, beginning with the apron bib


Ch 21 and sc back and forth for 4-5 rows.


SC around the doll torso, increasing one st under the arms and every 5 sts each round until reaching the circumference of the bottle over which the skirt must cover.

Shoulder Straps

Ch as many sts as needed to go from front of bib to back of skirt waist and sc additional row before attaching


Ch 30 and sc back and forth until reaching the hem of the apron. Pin to apron and sew around perimeter of pocket. Additional pocket are whatever size you would like to add.

If you want to ‘trim’ the apron, use a contrasting color of crochet thread. Attach thread at top of one side of the apron and ch 1, slp st into next st, ch 1*repeat around


WIP, but basically


Magic Circle, sc 6; 2 sc increase (12); 1 sc, 2 sc increase (18); 2 sc, 2 sc increase (24); 3 sc, 2 sc increase (30); 4 sc, 2 sc increase (36). Two rows of sc 36. 3 sc, decrease 6X’s (30); 2 sc, decrease 6X’s (24); change to contrast color thread (I matched the apron color) 1 sc, decrease 6X’s (18). Pick up original color, sc one row (18), add stuffing

Finishing the Hat

Begin increase rows until reaching desired size and attach to doll head.

Fill pockets with various tools you use and stick the needles and pins into the bun

I think I’m going to like using this Pixie Pincushion Penchant…

Beats digging through the dish for bits when needed.


I just found CRAFTER-GRANNY originator’s pattern 

Using the pattern, here’s how she turned out.


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