Living in the Right Brain

I LOVE living in the right brain. It’s my ‘happy place’. It’s my ‘passion place.’ The right brain is the life line to me living with imagination. 

Recently several people I know have need a little extra hug, so I began making ‘comfort’ shawls (AKA prayer shawl). I found a pattern for a Butterfly Prayer Shawl and promptly set forth making one for my cousin

One for my sister-in-law’s mother

and hair dresser’s mother. 

By the time I got to the 3rd shawl, I began to make a couple of adjustments to the pattern, especially after discovering the Honey Bee knit stitch and knowing that the recipient of this shawl has Alzheimer disease and I wanted the shawl to be a little more substantial as compared to the ‘delicate’ butterfly version.

Adjusted Pattern in BOLD

Magic circle, 5 sc, turn ch 1 and sc across 5 stitches, turn ch 1

Row 1-2 dbl c in first ch, 2 dbl c in second ch, 2 dbl c in 3rd ch, ch 3 and 2 more dbl c in same ch, 2 dbl c in 4th and 5th ch, turn ch 3 (Always ch 3 between the 2 dbl c in the center instead of ch 2 )

Follow pattern as written until reaching the 4th row of the pattern when you make the butterfly stitch

I decided to figure out how to crochet the Butterfly with a heavier body and discovered this:

Double Butterfly Stitch

Triple c into 4th sc in the first row (below the two chains of 7 sc) and yarn over and pull through 2 stitches on the hook, then yarn over and go into the same stitch and yarn over and pull through 3 stitches on the hook, yarn over and pull through 2 stitches on hook and yarn over and pull through last stitch on hook. 

I made 12 repeats of the pattern and began the border.

Heart Border Pattern

SC 78 stitches per side (not including the center stitches) turn

2 sc into first stitch, Ch 3, sk 3 stitches and sc into the 4th stitch and continue until reaching the center corner and ch 3, sc into the existing ch 3, ch 3 space and sc into same space and ch 3 and sc into same space, then ch 3 and sk 3 stitches and sc into 4th stitch and continue to end, finishing with 2 sc in the last stitch, turn

Ch 2, hdc into ch 3 space, ch 2, 2 hdc into same space (shell) all around, turn

Ch 10, picot, ch 8 (picot chain), skip first shell and sc into the next ch 2 space of the next shell, continue to corner and make the picot chain and sc into the center ch 3 loop, ch 10, picot, ch 8 and sc into the same loop, then continue with picot chain pattern skipping the first shell and sc the picot chain into the ch 2 space (center) of the shell to the end of the row finishing with a picot chain into the last stitch, turn

This row shapes the heart border

Slp st into EACH STICH of the picot chain, AND into picot and around the other side of the chain and sc into the sc that attaches the picot ch to the shell and continue all around to the end, finish and weave in thread. Viola!

The ‘heart border’ is so appropriate in honor of my husband’s birthday.




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