Gift from the Heart

Gift from the Heart

A friend of mine is absolutely ‘gaga’ about all things Native American. She recently visited and I took her to Joseph and Pendleton, OR where she could tour Tamastslikt Cultural Institute and many shops in both Joseph and Pendleton with a variety of Native American handcrafts.

She fell in love with a TeePee, but couldn’t figure out how to put it in her luggage and take home to Denmark. That’s when I got an idea to make a gift from the heart. And, a living in the right brain coup.

The Search

Native American Doll

I began with doing a Google search for a Native American doll to crochet and found an amigurumi pattern that was easy to follow and the outcome satisfying.

TeePee Pattern

Then my search turned to finding a crochet pattern for a TeePee Success and free!!! It took a bit to find the cattle skull, but the feathers, BonBon cotton yarn and Thunderbird charms I found at JoAnn’s. I had most of the yarn I needed on hand in my stash.

Gift from the Heart

“How many hours to make this?” you ask…. Approximately 50 hours….at $10/hr….you do the math…but that’s why it’s a gift from the heart.


One thought on “Gift from the Heart

  1. Yes a big work. And I am the lucky one who received it as a surprise, and I am s…………..o happy about it. That you Cathy would do all that work for me. It will always remind me of the wonderfull trip we had together to Joseph and Pendleton. Thank you. Love Annette

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