Over the Rainbow Brainy Hat


With the popularity of brain hats to wear honoring science, it got me to thinking……

I LOVE living in right brainIt’s my favorite place in which to wander and discover what I’m thinking.

Following MY Right Brain Process

Here’s how my rainbow brain works.

I was reading about the The March for Science, which led me to searching ‘brain hats’ and that took me to Studio Knits blog with a tutorial on how to make a brain hat which inspired me to make mine an over the rainbow brainy hat that will serve as a triple entendre! Science+Right Brain+Politics=SMART!




Big Beautiful Brains


Brainy Enoughbeautifulbrains

My granddaughters may enjoy receiving a ‘brain’ hat….hmmm, I wonder what color brains they would like to wear?

I LOVE living in the right brain!


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