I watch movies on the Hallmark Channel because I can count on a happy ending .

I watch OUTLANDER on Starz, because I am an ardent fan of Diana Gabaldon…and the TALL SHIP Productions series on Starz is pretty fabulous too. However, I’m not exactly counting on a happy ending for Jamie and Claire…. at least not like the happy endings in Hallmark Channel movies.


You may be asking yourself what Hallmark Channel movies and OUTLANDER have in common? The answer is knitwear!


Yep, it is my hearts desire to make that red and gold scarf. I Tweeted @HallmarkChannel asking if there was a pattern to purchase and posted this same photo. But, alas, there has been no answer. Soooo….

The Game is Afoot

I began to Google ‘knitted star scarf pattern’ and found one on Ravelry which led to this Crafty Chic Online blog where the actual pattern is available. You will note that the pattern on the blog isn’t exactly like the scarf in the Angels and Ornaments movie, which simply meant I would have to ‘modify’ the pattern to accommodate my vision, using this graph from the Crafty Chic Online blog.


Success in the Making

While not close to finished, nor in the same color scheme as the scarf in the movie, nor, the scarf on the blog, I think it’s going to satisfy my artistic appetite.


Should she ever request it, when finished, I would be happy to gift the StarzScarf to Caitriona or Diana, or Maril Davis, who is also from Oregon and a UofO Ducks fan!


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