Camouflaged Imperfection

camoimperfectI had an aunt who created eye-candy gorgeous INEDIBLE food…and here’s the rest of the story.

My father was a professional baker. He often brought ‘test’ products home from the bakery which my brother and I were not allowed to touch because Daddy wanted to see what would happen when the product was left in the refrigerator or on the counter for a few days. My brother and I consider this ‘abuse by torture’! Daddy ignored our pleas.

Julia Child Supper Club


Fast forward 60 years and recently I realised why I HATE TO BAKE. I always thought it was because Daddy was a professional baker and I never wanted to ‘compete’ with him. Instead, I focused on being a gourmet cook, and something, by the way, he does NOT do…he’s more of a short order cook.

In fact, after seeing the film JULIE JULIA with my girlfriend, Rachel, I said on the way home, “We should start a Julia Child Supper Club making all the recipes found in Julia’s THE MASTERING THE ART OF FRENCH COOKING! masteringtheartoffrenchcooking

Rachel, being very Welsh, was cautiously game. Having over-come the Welshwoman’s dubiously, I proposed the idea to 4 other friends…three bit!

Setting Up Supper

The ‘cooks’ meet with calendars and wine in hand to select 5 dates for the year; one for each cook to play hostess and decide the menu; the fifth date is for our holiday party for which we only prepare hor d’oeurvres and invite additional guests.

I can honestly report we have NEVER had a failure!, but, I digress….

Back to Baking

So, why don’t I like to bake? I recently discovered the reason….#IHATETOMEASURE! I am also slightly concerned about sharing my baking efforts with my now 91 year old father who is quick to point out what ‘might have made this better’, AND, I admit, he’s always right! He’s just amazing. He can touch dough and tell you what’s amiss. I use boxed crust mix to avoid any controversy…I just blame anything that might be wrong on Krusteaze!

But, it’s Autumn and that’s apple season and since my father is unable to bake now, I, in a moment of insanity, offered to bake an apple pie for Thanksgiving!

Which brings us to yesterday. I called my mother and said I was going to bake a ‘practice’ apple pie to bring over for Sunday dinner. She was ecstatic about the idea because she ‘trusts’ the pie I will make will at least be edible, although perhaps not perfect.


I decided to add crust stars as an effort to camouflage imperfection. Now, according to my friend, Terry, “the Amish always put imperfections in their goods, as no-one but God is perfect!”

Me, I forget to add butter and salt when pre-cooking the apple filling, so I added it ‘after the fact’…it’s a little like the Presidential Candidates this year…you know, camouflage can be misleading.

Oh, did I  mention that my father and I have a HUGE difference of opinion about who should be President of the United States in this 2016 election? We’re gonna need a little sweetness to get through Tuesday!


18 thoughts on “Camouflaged Imperfection

  1. You certainly know how to paint a story! Brought tears to my eyes, because it reminded me of my Italian grandmother. She raised me and she hardly ever followed a recipe. Her apple pie cannot be matched. She’s tried writing a recipe…but I honestly don’t think she knows what she does. Like a sculpture. All the magic is done in the moment. Grandma is 92 and feisty as ever. Thank you for sharing. Love your Blog!

  2. That pie looks more than wonderful. What a touching story. I never make pie crust because my oldest brother makes the best pie crust in our family and mine always falls short. My mom always said we all excel at somethings and fall short in others it is what makes us special.

  3. I really love the star idea!! Well done…. I had a brother that was a chef, and without fail every time I cooked for him it would all be flops. used to drive me crazy because I am a good cook usually. I think we just put ourselves under unnecessary pressure.

  4. I bet your pie was delicious, it sure looks pretty with the stars! I agree that you were being tortured, did you sneak tastes anyway? My mom made perfect pie crust, and made sure I knew how also, although I do lose my “pie mojo” sometimes for no apparent reason. [ One small typo: end of paragraph about 5 dinners, invite(s) more guests. ]

  5. I’m stealing your idea of the stars. My dream was always to make an apple pie with a beautiful lattice top. It hasn’t happened yet. I enjoyed reading this post. Thankful to live in Canada where we don’t have to vote for either of the candidates.

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