Some Things Money or Social Media Can’t Buy


Marketing on air has been short of oxygen of late, but someone put the mask on for me.

Merits of Social Media Marketing

Last week I attended a workshop in Long Beach, CA on the merits of using of social media for helping to build one’s brand.

I took away a number of important bits to incorporate into my ‘promo’ plan. Here’s some of what I learned.

  • Twitter: “Twitter connects you with the world.” Interact personally with tweets on Twitter at least twice a day
  • Blog: “Make content-appropriate comments on blogs.” Making it easy for you to have an opportunity to comment on Hide A Heart’s
  • Facebook: “While FB has lost some momentum, keep posting!” I add a little something each week to Facebook
  • Instagram: “The app choice of youth.” I haven’t quite figured out Instagram
  • Vine: “Make short videos to make your point.” Not using Vine yet
  • Pinterest: “Stop wasting time!” But, but… Pinterest is where I keep what I want to remember!
Personal Contact

Still, with all the social media choices, and believe me I’ve only listed the very basic, I find interacting one-on-one with a customer the most satisfying, and, I think, the most beneficial.

“The heart arrived just before I left, and I was able to give it to her. She loved it, and It really touched her!

When I got home, my mom hid it for me, (when I was still feeling quite sick) – on top of the “kitty treats” in the pantry cupboard! It’s sounds silly, I know, but when I reached my hand in to get the container, I found the heart on top for me. It made me cry! I wasn’t expecting it.

I have hid it in unusual places for her, and she does it for me. It’s become a great little surprise “game”, with the sentiments of the true love we share for eachother attached to it.

I believe that it’s something that will be kept in the family, and passed down to make others just as happy.

Again, thank you so much!”

You know, there still are some things money or social media can’t touch.



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