In 1970, my godmother offered two bits of wise advice, “Never give something handmade to someone who does not make things….they will never appreciate it!” and….

“Always sign and date what you create!”


First Christmas Wedding Tree (my beautician is getting married on December 12, 2015)

I must confess, I have not always followed her directions, and have suffered the consequences.

I always thought I would ‘remember’ the year I created something…WRONG! And…

I thought people would be thrilled with my handmade gifts. WRONG again.

Giving Handmade

I have given countless handmade gifts to wear, but never seen the recipients wearing them.

So this year, I decided to give something that can be put away after the holidays. In this way, I won’t be forever hoping to see the gift used, yet, I will have spent many happy hours with the joy of creating gifts to give. I think of my handmade gifts as love notes.

The Value of Handmade Creations

It takes approximately 10 hours to create a ‘personalized’ Christmas tree ornament like this one. People who do not ‘create handmade’ rarely have an appreciation for the time, thought or skill invested in making something.


Peggy Christmas (a gift for one of my dearest friends)

Were I to try and sell something like this, I would need to charge $125.00…who would pay $125.00 for a crocheted, personalized and embellished decoration to hang on a Christmas tree?

No one I know, but I take heart that what I have created as my gifts to friends this year have been invested with lots of love and care.


This is the first year I have ‘signed-n-dated’ one of my Christmas gifts AND…

Additionally, I take pictures of everything I create. In this way, I have a photo record of the gifts I give, and, I can:

  • Avoid duplicating a gift already given
  • Duplicate the pattern, especially when I have not written it down–(a really INCONVENIENT habit of mine!)


Perhaps the lesson is that I should ‘ask’ what someone would like to receive…maybe offer a list of choices or photos of things I’ve made for choices.

Or, I could wear a creation and when it’s admired, immediately offer it up with a kiss on the cheek!

How about you? Do you give handmade gifts? And, are you signing and dating them, then photographing your creations? Have your handmade gifts been well received?

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